Virtualization documents

SCF228S-RU and S-DU Test Support
SCF226About 5G nFAPI
SCF2255G nFAPI specifications
SCF221Partnerships, Platforms & Protocols new
SCF202Densification Summit: Asia Market Requirements new
SCF201Network densification in the 5G era: Working for industry alignment at SCF Partners’ Day new
SCF191Multi-operator and neutral host small cells: Drivers, architectures, planning and regulation
SCF190Small cell siting: regulatory and deployment considerations
SCF187Virtualization status update
SCF174Capacity planning for HetNets
SCF169Fronthaul transport for virtualized small cells
SCF168Business drivers for virtualized small cells
SCF167NFAPI service: 1.0 service object definition
SCF1665G, Virtualization and DevOps
SCF161Network aspects of virtualized small cells
SCF160Coverage and capacity impacts of virtualization
SCF159Small cell virtualization functional splits and use cases
SCF158Business case elements for small cell virtualization
SCF154Virtualization in small cell networks
SCF108Virtualized small cells - Overview
SCF106Virtualization for small cells: Overview
SCF097Small cells and license exempt spectrum: Carrier Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Calling, LAA and LWA
SCF082nFAPI and FAPI specifications
SCF069Enterprises and multi-operator small cells
SCF055Small cells and 5G evolution: a topic brief
SCF050Small cells market forecast July 2021 revisednew